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Life as a student :D
March 16, 2012 | March 16, 2012 | 0 comment(s)

Life Goes On :)

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

2012 .Things have been doing well recently. Not really, but that is what we called life. It can be depressing or confusing, but that is what life is for. Life goes on. Yes. Life goes on despite thinking about the past or the future.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life.  It goes on. – Robert Frost
Time ticks on slowly. And as it ticks, life goes on .Life doesn't change, but people do  :)
So, keep moving, keep living :D

It has been a while since the blog was last updated and I have totally forgotten how I blogged before. I mean, the way I write, the way I set up sentences etc. I am definitely clueless. So, I decided to make a quick random post. Or probably just to sum up what I've been going through recently.

the one and only ;)

SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek . This is where I went to school for the past three years and I don't think of moving to another school. I've made up my mind that I'll end my school life here. Because this is where I gain different experiences, different lessons everyday which taught me for who I am today. 

School sometimes can be hard, or lame but this is where I gain more and more knowledge everyday and develop new friendship with my friends which I have never expected to be close with. And the most important thing is I began to understand my Deen  more and start to love my Creator. Insha Allah I'm working towards it :)  

Despite of saying how boring or depressing school can be, the fact that I love my school life is undeniable. 
My teachers, whom I troubled a lot,  I love them very much. 
I love my school, I love SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek. Truly.
Believe me, someday we will be definitely craving to travel back for our school days :D

the rain of inspiration ;D

So this is my class for this year, 4Bukhari. The class is painted blue. Oh wait, isn't it too obvious? xD 
Being surrounded by supportive classmates and a caring teacher, Puan Rohana, all I can say is that being in this class has truly made my day in school. Of course, at first I felt quiet insecure because unexpected things could happen, you know, because I used to be close with some of my friends before and it was like we have been placed in different classes for this year. *Oh no, my english sucks*

So, after trying quiet hard to blend myself with the rest , I realized that they were actually very nice. I start to understand them more and more everyday. We share, we talk, we laugh  and sometimes we do stupid things together :D 

I love them . So much . With all my heart.  

random picture :) can't find the proper one --'

A friend is a friend. Yes, definitely. Alhamdulillah, I am grateful that I am surrounded by supportive friends. I can't miss a day without talking, laughing and going crazy with all of them. They are all amazing. I miss our long pointless jokes and conversations, I miss how we used to talk and laugh each other everyday, I miss everything. Thanks for being one of the best part of my life.

And I'm sorry I can't be someone you want me to be, I can't be perfect. I can't please everyone.
I make mistakes, I hurt people, I'm only a human. Sorry I'm not perfect. I am only me. That is all I can be.

I love my friends. Truly. Really. Completely. Definitely. Totally
May Allah bless us :')

Till then, that is all for this post. And please ignore any grammar mistakes lol -.-
I'm too lazy to check for it. That is all and Assalamualaikum :)

Wallahua'lam Bissawab


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