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Or maybe,
February 10, 2015 | February 10, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

Have you ever felt so motivated, like "no one's gonna stop me" "i'm gonna give my best" "this is definitely going to work" . All these thoughts fill your mind.And then you start to work. You work hard for it. Really hard. To the extent that you are willing to give anything for it. Just to achieve that goal you have set for yourself.

And then you start to imagine. You even visualize how would it be when you finally achieved your goal. How would it feel when all your efforts paid off. You can see yourself standing there. Standing at where you think you're supposed to be. You smile until your cheeks hurt but who cares when all you think about is what's right in front of you .And then your eyes automatically send signals to you brain "Let me just unload some tears to make this more dramatic" . You feel soooo good about yourself. You're just happy because you believe everything is going to be all right. Everything is going to be according to plan. Nothing could seem to go wrong.


And then here it is. Everything turns to be just the opposite of what you have planned. Opposite to what you have dreamed of. To what you imagined it would turn out to be. "Life has done a great job at dragging me down", you thought to yourself.

But you know what. Yes, you have worked hard for it. Yes, you put all your efforts into it. You have done a good job. You have made a perfect preparation. But you lack one thing. You lack one thing that is the most ultimate.


You set goals for yourself, because you think you know yourself best. But who knows,  maybe the real goal to Allah is you're going to learn some patience. Because Allah knows you better. And there is one thing you can't ever forget. He knows you best. 

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