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February 11, 2015 | February 11, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

You know what's the best about writing? It's when you are able to read back what you write. It's priceless. Because it comes from your heart. It's your inner voice, expressed in words. It's your deepest thoughts, conveyed through alphabets. It's a part of you. You know that feeling when you are having the best part of your life and you're just like "Let's write about it so that I'll remember how I feel now". That's what special about writing. It somehow keeps the memories.

Well I read my own diary recently (It was updated only twice or three times I think lulz). And I laughed at myself. I laughed at how I was so stupid back then. I laughed at how emotional I was. Can't believe I was so lame. Oh wait, I still am.

But you know what, at least I have something to laugh at

That's when I regret for not writing more. I really really really love the feeling of reading back what I wrote. It's because of the memories, and the feeling of being able to indulge into it. (Why do I sound  emotional, seriously)

That's actually the reason I update my blog again HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (-_-) It's been ages since it was last updated. I went through all my older posts and realised how lame I was haha .And how it's been five hundred thousand years since I updated this blog. Therefore, despite how busy I'll get, I wanna try my best to keep it updated.

I regret deleting all my older posts, all my previous blogs. (This is like my fifth blog if I'm not mistaken lulz) Because I have lost parts of me. No matter how embarrassing, pointless and lame they are, they are still parts of me that deserved to be treasured. Deleting them is just the same as deleting the chance of reminiscing those good times again.

Write. You won't regret :)

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