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Another not so fancy title [Part 2]
June 18, 2015 | June 18, 2015 | 0 comment(s)


So I already explained briefly how my love story with the word "architect" started on previous post. But love does not always about fairy tales. Not everyone deserves happy endings. Reality hurts, and love doesn't always last. That's the way it is. (Usual exaggeration)

I always keep in mind of what my mother said "..Be what you like to do". During primary school, my passion developed on the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. In simpler word, SCIENCE. (Copied that definition from Google to sound fancy xD)

So of course, my limited mental capacity decided to do its normal job again. I would say the correct verb is "just being a normal alya". Just because I developed my passion on science, my ambition at that moment was to be a scientist. Last time it was "I love drawing and painting so I want to be a painter", and this time "I love science so I want to be a scientist!" (-__-) 

That's the thing about childhood, everything was so simple. You're not as complicated as you are now. Lulz.
You know how in primary school science basically revolves around "what to change" "what to observe" "what to keep the same" thingy, And as you grow older they start to get fancier; from what to change to independent variable, from what to observe to dependent variable, what to keep the same changes to constant variable. Just like humans, terms change too. You just gotta be fancy xD And I thought science was that simple, not knowing the existence of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and other areas of study. I thought science is everything that you can have experiment on and that's it.

I pictured myself as a scientist, with a stereotypical imagination,You know, wearing a white labcoat, pouring some green chemical into a purple solution and then small explosion happens and then the solution changes colour and stuffs like that. I was really in love with science and it was the subject I usually most excelled at compared to other subjects.  Basically my overflowing amount of love for architect was literally "transferred" to science lulz. 

Anyway it's not that I didn't like drawing anymore during that time. Drawing is always my hobby. It's just that you know how in primary school things like drawing or we call "Pendidikan Seni Visual" was quite nothing. In my school it was always we were given a piece of blank paper and then "Draw what you want to" or sometimes the time that should be allocated with Pendidikan Seni Visual was replaced with other "more important" subjects. Subjects like science and mathematics were excessively  emphasised for students. Since I wasn't good in math (still am tho), I guess that's why I was so passionate about Science back then xD So to summarise this post, during early primary school, my love story with the word architect ended here and I chose scientist as my life partner dream career. 

To be continued

P/S: Happy Ramadhan ! Will update a post on Ramadhan once I finished with all these career conflicts xD


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