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Computer Science
June 3, 2015 | June 03, 2015 | 0 comment(s)

Someone dropped me a message on chatbox requesting me to make a post on Computer Science. I do not know who that was but I am so sorry that it took so long for me to respond. It was already like three hundred months ago omg I am terribly sorry lulz. 

First of all, if you want me to explain in details what the course is all about, I can't. It's too broad for a short blog post. And I would say that my knowledge is very limited. (I just finished my foundation level, not even progressing to undergraduate level yet) So instead of giving you the exact definition on what Computer Science course is all about, let me just give you a picture of what Computer Science is for me. I'm going to put an emphasis on this part, this is from my perspective. More like a personal opinion.Or basically just my two cents, lulz. 

But first, let me take a selfie ahahaha that was so lame alya please   bear in mind that Computer Science is a broad field of study. If you pursue this particular branch of study, you would most probably progress to a more specific course. For example, I am going to pursue in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (People here call it AI, no one really pronounces that long tounge-twisting name lol). It's the same concept as engineering. You don't just barely pursue engineering. It could be mechanical, electrical, civil or chemical engineering. Same goes to Computer Science. There are Computer Science with Management, Computer Science with AI, Software Engineering, Networking etc. 

For me, I see Computer Science or any field related to computer as a whole new world. It's a whole new world where if there's a field for human on particular thing, there's one for computer too.
I'll give you examples. 

Doctor - Hardware technician

Let's say we have doctors and pharmacists to physically treat humans. Well for computer, we have hardware technicians on that. You see, both work the same way, it's physically "treating your patient". I would say it's more or less a "medical centre" of computer where if something is wrong with your computer, a technician is the first person you would be screaming for. 

Philosopher, poet or anything related to literature and language - Programmer
If you're a programmer, it's basically the same thing as learning languages in real life. Just like how humans communicate to one another using languages like English or Bahasa Melayu or Mandarin or.. *inserts every language that exists here*,  that is basically what a programmer does. In order to communicate and give instructions to computer, a programmer needs to know computer languages. It could be C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, BASIC, Pascal, Fortran ..etc (The difference is that computer languages sound more fancy and complicated hahaha) However, knowing a particular programming language does not automatically make you a good programmer. You need a good thinking and problem solving skills. It could be the same thing as in literature, it is not something that you can master in a day. I am still working hard on that lulz

Psychologist - Software Engineer

As mentioned above, for human we have doctors and pharmacists to physically treat humans. But if the problem is on psychological or innate, we usually refer to a psychologist or a therapist. If same scenario occurs to computer, a software engineer is who we usually refer to. A software engineer deals with software and program stuffs, not on hardware. 

Security officer, Architect, Lawyer - Networking manager/officer

People who pursue in networking deal with lots of things. A networking manager is someone who is in charge on data security, just like a security officer in real life. The person must make sure data is accurately and securely sent to the destination. And bear in mind it is not an easy process. Few complicated process need to be executed like cryptography, encryption and decryption *inserts words that sound complicated on purpose haha lol* In order to make sure data is secured, protocols are used. That's why I include "lawyer" as well up there. Just like how protocols work in real life, that's how it works on computer too. It's the official system procedure and rules. In computers, protocols are used based on data types and few other complicated things that I know nothing and I don't wanna know about lol. Few protocols that I've learned are File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Gopher and IPSec Suite.

Oh yea, I include architect as well because a networking officer/manager is also in charge in determining network topology in an organisation. It is called network architecture.  I do not intend to explain what topology is because I would need a new blog post on that and people do not even want to read about it lol. Imagine topology as being a blueprint of a network, just like in architecture. In a simpler word, it is how you want to arrange stuffs like router or cables in your office.

There's a lot more examples but I think that's probably enough, I do not want this post to be so wordy (It's already is) The point is, for me, Computer Science is a whole new world. And I repeat my words, THIS IS JUST FROM MY PERSPECTIVE UH HUH WHAT'S WITH THE CAPSLOCK.

If you want to pursue Computer science, make sure you have the passion. Well, same goes to other areas of study, you need the passion because it drives you when things get rough. I do not have the right to say whether this course is suggested to be pursued or not because in order to do so, I would have to pursue my study in all fields and I'll let you know after that lol. Because honestly nothing is easy. If you want it to be easy, then do not pursue your study at all. That's why I said passion is very essential. It keeps you going. So if you think you have the passion in something, go for it.  (This sounds so formal and motivational lol)

Till then.
To the person who requested this post, I am sorry if this post is not like what you expected. 
All the best !

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