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That girl
January 24, 2016 | January 24, 2016 | 0 comment(s)

Let  me tell you a story of a girl who made a decision -- which changed her life forever. Let me tell you a story of a girl who finally believed, when she was at the end of the road, at the edge of breaking. She was a girl who eventually managed to call on all her courage, convinced by what she held for so long was the ultimate truth. Truth that kept her survived against all odds. Truth which made her felt 'alive'.

It began on the most unexpected moment . As usual, she was alone, staring at the blank wall. Beneath those cold stare, she indulged herself into the wall, as if a recollection of her life was played, one by one in front of her. A sigh was heard. No one knew, that from inside, it was a scream -- a silent scream.  A silent scream that told it all; that she wanted to get herself out of there.

It was all because of that particular moment. Moment when she thought ignoring was the best decision. Moment that she regretted the most. She kept her ego for so long. She held her pride over everything, trying to deny that she made a mistake. Trying to convince herself that she was never wrong. All those attempts to justify her decision was never right.

She began to realise. All of her life, she tried to make herself satisfied, but she was not happy with what she had . She tried to smile, but inside she was in tears. She took the pride but the contentment was not there. She knew it. She had to change. There was only one way. She had to take the leap of faith.

She finally took her first step. Slowly giving herself motivation, she let out the same old sigh. She knew it from the beginning. She knew she had to do it. She turned on her laptop and logged in to She knew it from the start, 

that she should update her blog more often hahahahahhahah i should have never abandoned my blog and kept it not updated for ten thousand years. good job on being lame, alya

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