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April 3, 2016 | 2:47:00 PM | 0 vanilla(s)

Of course here I am making sure my blog is well fed with consistent updates because I am such a responsible living soul who is obliged to make sure my non-existent readers would not be disappointed every time they are here.

And of course that is completely a lie because I am a big FAT liar and yes I am putting an emphasis on the word fat because I am fat lol.

The reason I am updating this blog is because I have a lot of work and assignments need to be done but here I am doing what I do best.


I would reorganise all my toiletries, count how many multicolour pens I own throughout my entire life, fart uncontrollably, browsing through mall directories site to see their Food&Beverage sections, staring at the wall like a psycho and many other irrelevant things an abnormal human could have thought of.

I know I will regret the time I spent on obtaining information of how many multicolour pens I possess on the day I need to submit my assignment -__-  Nonetheless, I would say I am just too productive at doing unnecessary things and of course that is just how to put it in a positive way to reduce this accumulating guilt.

Ok I am done updating my blog. I might should do my assignments. NOW.  And now means NOW and not after I count my exes   other insignificant stuff.

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