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Here is one thing
May 25, 2016 | May 25, 2016 | 0 comment(s)

Here's one thing I am going to tell directly. I won't use a subtle approach nor metaphor . This time it will be straightforward.

Do not ever question people's personal preferences or things that they can't change. 

It's that simple. Just because one's preference is different than yours, that does not make it wrong. A person is not obliged to provide you with explanation on why a different choice is made just because it's not the same as yours.

Whether that one day you see an adult wears a ridiculous  big pinky polka dot glittery bow on her hair, whether on that day you see a girl wears a yellow neon shirt with "HEYHEYHEY" printed on it, whether that one day a boy wears a rag, or whether on that one day a person eats raw chicken in front of you. It's okay.

Just because something is perceived as abnormal according to your opinion, which happens that you have your own established entire solar system that revolves only around your very superior opinions, that does mean it's wrong. Things that you perceive as beautiful might look ridiculous for other people too. It's just everyone's way of interpreting things.  It's very simple. Do not question people's personal preference. As long  as it does not go against any religion teachings/belief or does not cause any harm to people around, do not question. Full stop.

Because that girl might spend her whole morning in front of the mirror contemplating whether she should go out wearing that yellow neon shirt. You don't listen to all of her silent doubts for the whole day. "Will I look okay in this?" "Do I look weird?" "Will people laugh at me?" "Are they staring at me?".  And when she finally believes that she looks okay since she likes the shirt, simple thing like "Eh why do you wear that shirt" would totally ruin her day.  She might laugh, or say things like "Oh yea I look very weird in this shirt aren't I Hahaha" just to assure the other person she is not offended and cool with it.  At the end of the day, she'll regret her decision and will never wear it again. The sad thing is, she used to like the shirt. But now she's not since now she is convinced that she should not like it.

Or that one day when you see a person is eating a chocolate-flavoured ice cream in which the case that you are one of those humans who were born with natural hatred for chocolate, there is no need to say things like "Is that chocolate ice cream? Ewww I don't like chocolate it feels very chocolateyy like ughh what the heck I don't get people who like chocolate , they are as disgusting as how chocolate tastes". And yes of course that is highly exaggerated but you know what I mean. It's okay to express your opinion but there's always limit. Don't make people who love chocolate feel as if their love for chocolate is sinful just because you aren't blessed with the same type of love. No one is forcing you to be a fan of chocolates too anyway. Just accept and embrace the differences. You don't like chocolates, that person likes chocolate. There it is. Done. No further discussions.

I've been in that situation. Oh well I think everyone would experience this at least once in their life. I'm not preaching people to care about people's opinion seriously so much. It's just that sometimes humans are just vulnerable, even if we try so much not to think about it, at some point of your life, you will.

It's not that I'm not willing to listen to other people's opinions, it's not that my mind is so narrow to the point that I should change my name to Alya Narrow because if so, Captain Jack Sparrow would think I'm his long-lost relatives because our names would rhyme and I know this is very lame so please feel obliged to not laugh. The wrong thing is not on having opinions, it's about how you convey them. Opinions are meant to be heard, but never always agreed upon.  So, chill. 

Oh by the way that chocolate metaphor up there sounds very intense like what the heck Alya staaahp using food to describe everything xD

Uh-huh byebye.

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