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Filler post
September 13, 2016 | September 13, 2016 | 0 comment(s)

I believe everyone, at one point of his/her life has encountered various miracles. Miracle is generally extraordinary event, or, according to google defined as an amazing product or achievement -- an outstanding example of something. As for me, one of my miracles is when I feel the need to update my blog lelz,  which is obviously not a very common occurrence due to excessive amount of laziness covered up by ten thousand excuses. 

I mean it's not entirely my fault. My connection is always slow, sometimes I'm busy, I have three cats to feed, few tiring social obligations and et cetera. So it's not entirely my fault ,by right.

By the way as the title goes, this is my usual whining filler post about how productive I am at not updating my blog. I have already four to five drafts to publish but sadly they are inside my mind instead of in blogger drafts. I owe myself and my non existent readers few posts ; my birthday appreciation post  which was on June but now it's already mid September for God's sake, my 2016 summer break (which is almost over) and few other random thoughts, mostly rants of insignificant complaints.

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