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Lemon & Herbs
September 23, 2016 | September 23, 2016 | 0 comment(s)

Have you ever felt so mad because one day you went to store and you wanted to buy dipping sauce and then you see this extravagant packaging dipping sauce that says "Lemon & Herbs" and it sounded so elegant which made you thought to yourself, "Wow this might worth a try"

It sounds very sophisticated you know (at least to me). "LEMON AND HERBS" -- with indulging acidic adventure of fresh lemon,perfected by hint of various aromatic herbs that bring out the natural flavour of your FEWWWWWWD.

And after that amount of excitement and high expectations, guess what. I tried the sauce and it was very............ um, how should I say it , it's very "LEMONY AND HERBY" . Lemony in a sense that I'm gonna burn your tongue with this acidic adventure .... of nightmare and endless mental sufferings perfected by a great deal of herbs that will leave your tongue and heart NUMB.


After all, no one is to be blamed. The packaging says "LEMON & HERBS" and it gave me real taste of "LEMON & HERBS".

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