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What a shame
November 12, 2017 | November 12, 2017 | 0 comment(s)

I walked through this one building, in this city that still felt new. I was all by myself for a recharge. I walked through this one short passageway, to go to the other side. Strangely enough, it felt as if the world has paused for a while. It felt as if there's a new world at the end of the way. It made me realised something. 
What a shame.

It's already approaching the end of autumn. What a shame, it felt like I didn't cherish it enough. It's always been a rush. To get to the other side, to get a couple of things from that store, to get onto the bus. Everything sounded like a plan with one aim -- Make everything as fast as possible. Do this as quick as you can, walk with your biggest pace, do not wait.  It's not wrong to be in a rush for such important things. But it should be limited only in a physical sense. It's a shame how my mind got carried away as well. 

It's the impatience to go home after class because of the cold weather, to let the days pass quicker, to sigh at the temperature. It's to rush on the adaptation without actually enjoying the process  . What a shame. 

I forgot. In the midst of the cool breeze, the rustling leaves, the single digits in the temperature reading, I forgot at just how calming it could be. 

It's when your daily pants has become the second layer because you now need an extra layer underneath, it's when you pull out your hoodie from your thickest outer because it's starting to rain, to put on the knitted scarf around your neck, to snuggle under the thick cover, to sip on a cup of hot chocolate, the excitement at your visible breath when it's really really cold. I should've noticed all of it earlier.

A momentary walk through that passageway has knocked my senses. It's still walking at your biggest pace, but not with the thought of going home. It's cherishing with your mind, even when you're in a rush. 

After that realisation, I began to notice more things. I noticed how days by days, the road would appear narrower that it actually was,  because the leaf piles by the roadside were growing. I noticed how yesterday those leaves would still make a crunchy sound when you step on them but today, everything just squished together. I noticed how that day tiny frosts were formed on that tram railway because the previous night was so cold. I began to notice more, and cherish more. 

And that's why once in a while, I need a retreat. 

Yes you should rush, but not with your mind.

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